The largest migration in the history of the world is happening. Are you ready?

To migrate global business to blockchain, enterprises need a trusted, public chain, with all the benefits of a private one. They need to know that the user on the other end is a real, verified person. That person also needs to have their ID private. This can only be done with ID framework giving both parties what they need.  This can be done with Concordium.

Concordium is the first non-permission based public blockchain that global businesses can trust and with ID at the protocol level.

Trust is the key to business. Users of Concordium can trust the identity of the people using the network. They can trust that their business case holds – through fixed transaction fees.  They can trust that Concordium can deliver all the capacity and security that they need. And, finally, they can trust the names behind Concordium to deliver.

The presentations below will help you understand how Concordium will solve the issues that have prevented global adoption of Blockchain and how we will ensure that Concordium becomes a core technology for the coming decades.

About Concordium

Concordium is a blockchain with a smart contract layer for business with focus on low and stable transaction costs and ID-verified participation.

Any person or company with an identity can get an account on Concordium.

Concordium brings low and stable transaction fees, through a stabilized transaction price mechanism which keeps the price low and stable in Euro terms.


Such offering would not available to investors from Bahamas; Belarus; Botswana; Burundi; Cambodia; Canada; Central African Republic; China; The Democratic Republic of Congo; Cuba; Côte d’Ivoire; Ethiopia; Ghana; Islamic Republic of Iran; Iraq; North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea); Lebanon; Libya; Mali; Myanmar; Nicaragua; Pakistan; Panama; Russia: Somalia; South Sudan; Sri Lanka; Sudan; Syrian Arab Republic; Trinidad and Tobago; Tunisia; United States; Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Yemen; Zimbabwe and Standard OFAC exclusions.

Concordium will in any event only sell tokens to U.S. persons who fall within the definition of “accredited investors” under Rule 501(a) under Regulation D of the US Securities Act of 1933 as Amended.

Concordium will require that any U.S. persons that acquire CCDs from Concordium in a Regulation D offering agree that they will hold any CCDs so acquired for at least one year.

Benefits and Technology

Secure Consensus with Fast Finality

  • Concordium uses a consensus mechanism with scientifically proven security and a fast finalization method. This allows for transactions to be committed in a reliable and timely manner.

Identity Layer

  • Concordium’s public, permissionless blockchain enables businesses to manage counterparty risk and comply with regulations.
  • A user’s identity, for example an individual or a business, remains private and may be revealed to authorities following a court order via established legal channels.
  • On the Concordium platform, users can decide to keep transactions private but with the ID accountability.

Shielded Transfers

  • Concordium supports encrypted transfers using a zero-knowledge proof mechanism that allows every party to validate transactions without knowing the transferred amount.

Stable Transaction Fees

  • Stable low transaction fees in Euro for predictable pricing, supporting  business applications.

Energy-Efficient Delegated Proof of Stake

  • Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism ensures a green and resource-efficient operation along with enhanced security among participants. Users that hold CCD in their account can either run their own node or delegate their CCD to a baker. The more stake that participates, the harder it becomes for malicious parties to control a majority of that stake. Staking is maximized by delegation.

Smart Contracts on Concordium

  • Concordium’s core on-chain language is WebAssembly (Wasm), a portable, well-defined assembly-like language.
  • Concordium uses Rust as our first high-level smart contract language. Rust incorporates many attractive features for smart contract development, it has a friendly community and well-developed ecosystem.
  • Ultimately, any language that compiles to WebAssembly will be able to target the Concordium chain.
  • Concordium collaborates with Aarhus University, Denmark on developing formal verification techniques for smart contracts.

DeFi on Concordium

  • Concordium’s smart contract environment supports all current DeFi activities and shielded transfers provide security and privacy. The Concordium Identity Layer changes the way DeFi projects are organized, bringing counterparty risk management tools and allowing for regulatory compliance.


  • 10 billion ccd at launch
  • CCD growth rate targeted long term at 2% p.a.
  • Newly minted CCD used for:
    – incentives to bakers and finalizers
    – 10% Platform Development Charge to the Concordium Foundation for ensuring further development and promotion of the blockchain
  • Transactions fees are stable vs EUR, enabling businesses to plan operating costs
  • Delegation to bakers and an innovative passive delegation model incentifies holding CCD.

Token Distribution at Launch

This chart is interactive. You can hover over the chart for more details on the percentage of allocations.

Token release schedule of CCD in Genesis block

(all subject to potential change before release)

CCD holder groups Genesis block CCD-distribution January 2022, % Genesis block CCD-distribution January 2022, CCDs** Number of Genesis block CCDs release January 2022** Release Schedule for locked-up tokens (# months after Jan. 2022)

First month of release period

Last month of release period

Seed sale






Strategic Partners












Concordium Foundation






Testnet incentives






Community and Developers endowment






Private sales






Potential Public Sale (incl. market making, etc.)*

up to 1.00





Grand total





*) Public Placement potentially without lock-up 

**) Actual number of CCDs distributed will reflect the growth in total number of CCDs since the Genesis block (June 2021)

Percentage of CCDs released from lock-up based on total number of CCDs in existence on 5 January 2022

This chart is interactive. You can hover over the chart for more details on the percentage of genesis block released from lock-up


  • Peer-reviewed research conducted at COBRA is the backbone of the Concordium Platform and provides the technical basis for our innovative protocols and technologies


  • The Concordium Foundation is a co-founder of COBRA, based at Aarhus University

Led by world leading cryptography and blockchain visionaries

torben pryds pedersen

Torben Pryds Pedersen

Special Advisor to the Commercial Team

Widely-known for being the Father of the Pedersen Commitment, Torben was previously CEO and head of Cryptomathic’s R&D division, a software leader specializing in cryptography for e-commerce security systems for the financial and governmental industries. Pryds Pedersen holds an MS in Computer Science and a PhD in Computer Science (Cryptology) from the University of Aarhus. He has carried out extensive research in cryptographic protocols and participated in several EU projects related to electronic payment. He has been a visiting researcher at leading universities and an active member of the program committees of several software certification organizations.
Jesper Buus Nielsen

Jesper Buus Nielsen


The architecture is led by the world leading cryptography and blockchain visionaries Prof. Jesper Buus Nielsen, Center Leader of the Concordium Blockchain Research Center (COBRA) at Aarhus University, co-author of Secure Multiparty Computation and Secret Sharing.

Professor Jesper Buus Nielsen is Concordium’s Chief Scientific Advisor, COBRA’s center leader, and a Professor of Computer Science at Aarhus University in Denmark. As the author of over 70 scientific publications, he is a leading expert on secure multiparty computation and has been the program committee chair for the Theory of Cryptography Conference and the Eurocrypt Conference. Most notably, he is co-author of Secure Multiparty Computation and Secret Sharing — widely regarded as a seminal work on privacy in distributed computing environments. He is a member of the Cryptography Group in the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University. Jesper holds a PhD in Computer Science from Aarhus University.

Ivan Damgård

Ivan Damgård


Concordium’s ID protocol is led by Prof. Ivan Damgaard, co-inventor of Merkle-Damgård construction (building collision-resistant cryptographic hash functions from collision-resistant one-way compression functions). This construction is used in the design of many popular hash algorithms such as MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2. A strong development team under the leadership of CTO Torben Pryds Petersen. 

Professor Ivan Damgård is one of the world’s top-cited published researchers in cryptography. Within the blockchain community, Damgård is the co-inventor of the Merkle-Damgård-construction — the cryptographic hash function that all blockchains rely on in one form or another. He is a fellow of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) and, in 2015, he received the RSA Award for Excellence in Mathematics, which recognized Damgård as an innovator and for his lifetime achievements in the field of cryptography. Damgård received his PhD in Computer Science from Denmark’s Aarhus University, where he currently serves as a professor.


COBRA is a leading global research center for cryptography and blockchain technology with 12+ permanent and +10 yearly visiting researchers, and world-class cryptographers.


  • Research innovative, energy-efficient and scalable blockchain technologies
  • Contribute to the development of the Concordium Platform

Research areas

  • New consensus algorithms, peer-to-peer network, multiparty computation, sharding, cryptographic techniques that support privacy-preserving identification, anonymous payments, ZK proofs, smart contracts, formal verification of cryptographic protocols and governance design models

The Team

The Concordium Team combines extensive experience in building enterprise software with some of the leading scientists in cryptology. Under a Service Agreement with Concordium Foundation, Concordium AG develops and takes care of certain management functions on behalf of the Concordium Foundation, including fund raising and sale of CCD tokens in this Private Placement.

Lars Seier

Lars Seier Christensen


Lars Seier Christensen is the Founder of the Swiss non-profit Concordium Foundation. With over 30 years of experience across the banking and financial sector, Lars is a global pioneer in FX and derivatives trading, having co-founded the bank licensed online trading and investment platform Saxo Bank in 1992. The SaxoTrader is an online internet FX trading platform and was amongst the first wave of global commercial applications on the internet and is now one of the world’s most complete multi-asset trading platforms. He served as co-CEO of Saxo Bank for more than 20 years and grew the bank to serving customers in 170 countries. Lars is the founder of Seier Capital, a private equity and venture capital firm with investments in advanced technology, e-sport, leading sport teams and is the owner of the two world class 2 and 3 stars Michelin restaurants Geranium and Alchemist.

Concordium AG

Kåre Kjelstrøm

Chief Technology Officer

Kåre holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of Aarhus and joins Concordium from a hyper growth American pre-ipo startup where he managed the Core Infrastructure group. Kåre built the organization across 15 time zones, created high performance teams, and launched offices in Denmark and Lithuania. He was previously a manager at Uber running Core Storage building highly scalable distributed ledger and storage solutions, initially from Denmark and later on from Toronto, Canada; here he doubled as the Site Lead bringing all of Uber’s Toronto operations under the same roof. In an earlier capacity, Kåre was a cofounder of the consulting company Silverbullet where he helped drive the digital transformation of the Danish Public Sector with a focus on PKI secured service to service communication.

Jørgen Hauglund

Jørgen Hauglund

Chief Financial Officer

Jørgen Hauglund is the CFO of Concordium and has extensive experience in the fields of financial planning, accounting, budgeting, controlling, and reporting from positions in a number of large Danish corporations, including Saxo Bank, ISS, Sydbank, A.P. Moller–Maersk, and the East Asiatic Company. He has worked for several years as a consultant focusing on financial management, shareholder value concepts, and corporate documentation/compliance. In addition, Jørgen has held senior management positions in investment companies focusing on shipping and real estate transactions. He holds an MS in Economics and an Executive MBA from the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Strategic Advisor

Michael Jackson serves as an advisor to Concordium.  Mr. Jackson was the COO for Skype for the first four years, creating a €400Mio product line.   Following this, and ten years as Partner in  leading Venture Capital  fund Mangrove Capital , Michael is deeply involved in the Crypto ecosystem.  He was an early member of Bitcoin Foundation, member of the board of, advisor to several projects and author of widely cited reports and comment pieces on the disruption of Asset Management and Private Equity by Distributed Ledger based blockchain.  Michael also sits on the board of large, systemically regulated companies – AXA Insurance, Volvo Cars and Luminor Bank keeping day to day knowledge with current needs and trends of mission critical companies and technology.  He is also a guest lecturer at University College London MBA on the Business of Telecoms.


The growing Concordium Community is based on 3 pillars:

  • Node runners and Bakers
  • Developers
  • Users

At Concordium, we deploy an organic and dynamic strategy to keep building our community which will support the network and maintain its security.

The Concordium Foundation has allocated the following funds to sustain the community building:

Developers Grants and Endowment 3.5% of the total  supply at mainnet emission.

Community Grants and Endowment 3% of the total supply at mainnet emission.

Incentivized Testnets 0.25% of the total supply at mainnet emission.

And here is a non-exhaustive list of actions that the Concordium Foundation aims to conduct from time to time with its growing community:


Node Runners and Bakers

  • Incentivized Testnet 3 – October 2020
  • Incentivized Testnet 4 – February 2021
  • Post Mainnet Testing Contest
  • Launch of the Delegation Program


  • Webinars and AMAs
  • Bug Bounties
  • Hackathons
  • Workshops with Core Team
  • Participative contribution to the code
  • Blockchain with Encode 
  • Rust community


  • Content Contest
  • Ambassador Program
  • Webinars and AMAs
  • Listing Events
  • Local Community Events and Actions

The Concordium Community was created in February 2020, counts 19.000+ members across our different platforms. 


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Concordium Foundation Board

The Concordium Foundation board consists of our founders and highly reputed professionals.

Professor, ETH Zurich
Ueli Maurer

Professor Ueli Maurer is a Science Advisor and a Concordium Board Member. He serves as Professor of Computer Science and Head of the Information Security and Cryptography Research Group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich), where his research interests include cryptography in both theory and applications, information security, theoretical computer science, information theory, and discrete mathematics. Maurer obtained his PhD in electrical engineering at ETH Zurich in 1990 and was subsequently a DIMACS Fellow at Princeton University. He is best known for his work on information-theoretic cryptography, the security analyses of the Diffie-Hellman protocol and the RSA system, inventing the indifferentiability concept, extended work on secure multi-party computation, developing a universal statistic test for random bit generators, and his work on constructive cryptography — a unified theory for cryptographic security proofs. He has been named a Fellow of the International Association for Cryptologic Research, a Fellow of the IEEE, and a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). In 2013, he received the Vodafone Innovation Award for Mobile Communications and in 2016 received the RSA Award for Excellence in Mathematics. Maurer also served as Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Cryptology from 2002-2010.

Simone Monnerat

Simone Monnerat is a board member of the Concordium Foundation. She is an attorney-at-law and civil law notary and she works as partner at in Zug, Switzerland. She specializes in foundation, corporate and notarial law. Due to her profound expertise in Swiss foundation law and governance matters in particular together with her long standing interest in digitalization and technology she found herself immersed in different blockchain projects in the international melting pot of the Crypto Valley in Zug.
Bjørn Krog Andersen
Banking Circle
Bjørn Krog Andersen

Bjørn Krog Andersen is a board member of the Concordium Foundation. He is the Head of Compliance for Banking Circle, a fully licensed bank and financial infrastructure built for Payments businesses and Banks. He was a partner of the law firm Moalem, Weitemeyer and Bendtsen in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has extensive regulatory and compliance expertise and advises fintech, regtech and blockchain companies in his practice in addition to VC- and PE-related M&A work. Andersen was General Counsel of Saxo Bank Group for six years, heading its legal, regulatory, and compliance departments globally. This expertise provided him with a deep understanding and insights into regulatory concerns and worldwide obligations within ID/KYC and investor protection related topics.

Concordium Advisory Board

Concordium Foundation’s advisory board is made up of highly esteemed experts and former leaders of  influential organizations including the Danish government, NATO, NASDAQ, and Mastercard.

hans Ole Jochumse

Former Vice-chair of NASDAQ and FCSE Chair
Hans-Ole Jochumsen

Hans-Ole Jochumsen serves as an advisor to Concordium. Mr. Jochumsen brings deep insights and expertise on regulatory issues relating to global exchanges and trading. Prior to Concordium, Mr. Jochumsen was the President and an executive member of OMX, which was acquired by Nasdaq in 2008. Mr. Jochumsen then spent 10 years in various executive positions at Nasdaq, eventually serving as President of Global Trading and Market Services from March 2014 and December 2016 and as European Vice Chairman from January 2017 until his retirement in 2018. Other previous positions include the Chairmanship of the Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE) and President and CEO of Copenhagen Stock Exchange and FUTOP Clearing. Mr. Jochumsen is also currently a Board Member of Nykredit, the Chairman of Nordax Bank AB, and a Senior Advisor at Alkymi. Jochumsen holds a Master of Science in Economics from the University of Copenhagen.

EVP, Global Strategy and Solutions, Mastercard
Peter Klein

Peter Klein serves as an advisor to Concordium. Mr. Klein has over 20 years of leadership and business management experience in banking, technology, and fintech. He is currently leading Mastercard’s payment strategy focused on redefining MasterCard’s role and position in global non-card payments. Mr. Klein was previously President, Global Head of FX Payments at Earthport Plc, a world-leading fintech company specializing in low-value cross-border payments. Before shifting his focus to payments and fintech, Mr. Klein spent numerous years on the banking side, leading and growing global clearing, FX and prime brokerage businesses and teams at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan. He spent nine years with Citibank, establishing and running several of its high-growth electronic trading platform businesses across multiple regions including Scandinavia, Australia, and the UK. Mr. Klein holds a master degree in Management and Finance from Macquarie University, Sydney (2004).
Hans Gersbach

Professor, ETH Zurich
Hans Gersbach

Hans Gersbach serves as an advisor to Concordium. Dr. Gersbach is currently Professor of Macroeconomics, Innovation and Policy at ETH Zurich, where his research areas include: Macroeconomic Thinking and Economic Policy; Innovation, the Engines of Growth and Long-term Well-being; and Design of New Democratic Institutions. Dr. Gersbach was previously a visiting professor at the Bendheim Center for Finance at Princeton University and a professor at the University of Heidelberg, where he worked for over a decade. Dr. Gersbach is a Member and Former Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Berlin, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Munich, and a member of the ifo Scientific Advisory Council and Acting CESifo Council, Munich. Dr. Gersbach is also a research fellow of CEPR (Centre for Economic Policy Research), London.
Roger Wattenhofer

Professor, ETH Zurich
Roger Wattenhofer

Roger Wattenhofer serves as an advisor to Concordium. Mr. Wattenhofer is a full professor in the Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Department at ETH Zurich, where he also received his doctorate in Computer Science. He had stints at Brown University in Providence, RI and Microsoft Research in Redmond, WAbefore returning to ETH Zurich, originally as an assistant professor in the Computer Science Department. Wattenhofer’s research interests are in a variety of algorithmic and systems aspects in computer science and information technology, currently in particular wireline and wireless networks, distributed systems, and physical algorithms. He publishes in different communities: distributed computing, networking, and theory of computer science.

Paul Docherty

Paul Docherty serves as an advisor to Concordium. Mr. Docherty was the Managing Director of Security Assessment and Application Security globally for Barclays Bank. Prior to which he ran the Security Advisory team for Cisco and was responsible for all Cisco security services focused on assessing, architecting, securing and implementing the strategies required to achieve a secure digital environment. Mr. Docherty has been intrinsically linked with many of the industry initiatives including founding and acting as chairman for the first seven years of CREST, the security industry’s association. Working with the Bank of England to help create CBEST, and forming, then acting as the inaugural chairman of SRIE (Security Researchers Information Exchange).


This document is for information purposes only and not for distribution. It does not constitute an offer or an agreement nor does it bind the Concordium Foundation or any member of its group or affiliates in any way. All products and services described in this document are subject to specific terms and conditions as well as restrictions.

To U.S. residents, citizens, or entities reading this document: THE CONCORDIUM CCD-TOKENS DESCRIBED HEREIN (THE “ CCD-TOKENS”) ARE NOT OFFERED TO U.S. RESIDENTS OR CITIZENS AND CONCORDIUM FOUNDATION WILL NOT DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY OFFER, SELL, OR TRANSFER CCD-TOKENS TO PERSONS OR ENTITIES (i) RESIDING IN THE U.S. OR BEING U.S. CITIZENS OR (ii) ACQUIRING, OR INTENDING TO ACQUIRE, CCD-TOKENS DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY ON BEHALF OF, OR IN ITS OWN NAME, BUT ON THE ACCOUNT OF, A PERSON OR ENTITY RESIDING IN THE U.S. OR BEING A U.S. CITIZEN. The CCD-tokens have not been registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”) or the securities laws of any U.S. state, and may not be offered or sold within the United States or to, or for the account or benefit of, U.S. persons or entities except pursuant to an exemption from, or in a transaction not subject to, the registration requirements of the Securities Act and applicable state securities laws. NONE OF THE U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, ANY STATE SECURITIES COMMISSION, ANY FOREIGN SECURITIES OR ANY OTHER FEDERAL, STATE OR FOREIGN AUTHORITY HAS APPROVED OR DISAPPROVED OF THE CCD-TOKENS, NOR HAVE ANY OF THE FOREGOING PASSED UPON OR ENDORSED THE MERITS OF ANY OFFERING OF CCD- TOKENS OR THE ACCURACY OR ADEQUACY OF THIS DOCUMENT. ANY REPRESENTATION TO THE CONTRARY IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE. THIS DOCUMENT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN OFFER TO SUBSCRIBE FOR SECURITIES IN ANY JURISDICTION WHERE SUCH OFFER IS ILLEGAL, OR TO ANY PERSON TO WHOM SUCH OFFER IS ILLEGAL. Purchasing CCD- tokens involves a high degree of risk and is suitable only for purchasers of substantial means and who have no need for liquidity in the foreseeable future with regard to this purchase. Please carefully review the sections of this Document entitled “Disclaimer: Forward-Looking Statements and Risk Factors.” Potential CCD-token purchasers should not construe the contents of this Document as legal, tax or financial advice. U.S. federal, state, local and foreign tax treatment related to CCD- tokens is complex and may involve, among other things, significant issues, as to the timing and character of the realization of any income from CCD-tokens. CCD-token purchasers are urged to consult their own tax advisors concerning the U.S. federal, state, local and foreign tax consequences of acquiring CCD-tokens in light of their own particular situation. IN MAKING ANY PURCHASING DECISION, PURCHASERS MUST RELY ON THEIR OWN EXAMINATION OF THE CONCORDIUM PROJECT AND CONCORDIUM CCD-TOKENS, INCLUDING THE MERITS AND RISKS INVOLVED. This Document speaks only as of its date. Neither the delivery of this Document nor any sale or pre-sale of CCD-tokens shall create any implication that there have been no changes in the Concordium Foundation’s affairs after the date of the Document. The Concordium Foundation disclaims any obligation to update the information contained in this Document, except to the extent required by law.

To non-U.S. residents, citizens, or entities reading this document: Purchasers are responsible for observing the laws of their relevant jurisdiction in connection with any purchase of CCD-tokens, including obtaining required governmental or other consents and observing any other required legal or regulatory formalities.  

Forward Looking Statements

Certain information set forth in this document contains “forward-looking statements.” Forward-looking statements include opinions, forecasts, intentions, plans, goals, projections, guidance, expectations, beliefs or other statements that are not statements of historical fact. Words such as “anticipate,” “expect,” “believe,” “should,” “would,” “could,” “estimate,” “project,” “foresee,” “intend,” “may,” “objective,” “plan,” “priority,” “continue,” “will,” or a variation of one of these words or words or phrases of similar import may identify a statement as a forward- looking statements. Forward-looking statements in this document include, but are not limited to, statements concerning the (i) intended functions and features of the proposed Concordium Blockchain Network; (ii) expected market acceptance of the Concordium Blockchain Network for its intended purposes; (iii) projected financial performance of the Concordium Network and the Concordium CCD tokens; (iv) completion of contemplated capital raising to fund the project, and the planned use of proceeds raised; (v) the expected development of the Concordium Foundation’s business, projects and joint ventures; (vi) execution of the Concordium Foundation vision and growth strategy, including with respect to future activity and global growth; (vii) sources and availability of third-party financing for the Concordium Foundation; (viii) completion of projects that are currently underway, in development or otherwise under consideration; (ix) renewal of the Concordium Foundation’s current customer, supplier and other material agreements; (x) future liquidity, working capital, and capital requirements. Such forward-looking statements necessarily involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause actual performance to differ materially from any projections of future performance or results expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Some of these risks and uncertainties are outlined in the section of this Document entitled “Risk Factors.” Although forward-looking statements contained in this presentation are based upon what the board of the Concordium Foundation believes are reasonable assumptions, there can be no assurance that forward-looking statements will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. The Concordium Foundation undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements if circumstances or management’s estimates or opinions should change except as required by applicable laws.

Risk Factors

The Concordium Foundation’s proposed business is highly speculative and involves a significant degree of risk. Potential token purchasers should carefully consider, among other risks, the risks described in the risk factors set forth below and should consult with their own legal, tax, and financial advisors before purchasing CCD-tokens. These risk factors are not exhaustive and are not necessarily presented in order of significance or likelihood of causing injury to the business. The Concordium Foundation is a new enterprise, has no operating history or revenue from operations, and is commencing business in the rapidly evolving distributed ledger technology space. The Concordium Foundation is a newly formed entity and faces many risks and uncertainties relating to its ability to successfully implement its business plan and list the CCD on a crypto exchange. Moreover, the distributed ledger technology industry is a relatively new one and is constantly evolving. There is no assurance that the Concordium Foundation’s business plans and projections will be suitable over the medium or long term in such a volatile area. Indeed, there is no guarantee that the Concordium Foundation will be able to complete its project, or achieve the desired functionality for its CCD-tokens, in which case the value of your purchase might be lost.

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We will use cookies for statistical purposes and to optimize our internet presence. It is within our legitimate interest (article 6(1)(f) GDPR) to process such data to offer you a good user experience.

The data collected may also be used in the event of attacks on the network infrastructure or other unauthorized or abusive use of the Website(s) to identify offenders in connection with civil or criminal proceedings. The processing of this information is in our legitimate interest (article 6(1)(f) GDPR) to secure and improve the Website(s) and our services described herein accordingly.

How will we use your data?

If you have subscribed to the Newsletter, Concordium processes your email address so that we can email you with updates about Concordium based on your express consent (article 6(1)(a) GDPR).
You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting or by hitting Unsubscribe at the bottom of the Newsletter.

To enable us to process your Newsletter subscription and to provide you with the Newsletter, your address is shared with Upscribe.

If you have an account for our participants’ website we will process your personal information (email address) to be able to provide you with and maintain your personalized login details to our participants’ website. Your personal data will be collected on the basis of your consent as well as to enable us to comply with any legal obligations we may have to limit access to our participants’ website (articles 6(1)(a) and (c) GDPR).

Your security

We strive to keep your personal data private and safe. We take commercially reasonable physical, electronic and administrative steps to maintain the security of data collected, including limiting the number of people who have physical access to database servers, as well as employing electronic security systems and password protections that guard against unauthorized access. Concordium uses technical and organizational security precautions to protect personal data against manipulation, loss, accidental or unlawful destruction or against access by unauthorized persons or unauthorized disclosure. Our security precautions are regularly improved in line with technological development.

If you ever use a public computer to access the Website(s) or the services described herein, we strongly encourage you to log out at the conclusion of your session and to ensure that your information is not accessible to anyone else from that computer.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the transmission of data over the internet cannot be guaranteed to be 100 percent secure. While we will use reasonable means to ensure the security of information you transmit through the Website(s) or the services described herein, any transmission of data is at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that such information will not be intercepted by third parties and we shall not be liable for any breach of the security of your data resulting from causes or events that are beyond our control, including, without limitation, your own act or omission, corruption of storage media, defects in third-party data security products or services, power failures, natural phenomena, riots, acts of vandalism, hacking, sabotage, or terrorism and we are not responsible for the circumvention of any privacy settings or security measures contained on the Website(s) or in relation to the services described herein.

Storage and exchange of data with third-parties

Storage of data
If you sign-up for our Newsletter, we will store and process your personal data as long as we provide you with the Newsletter and you have not unsubscribed from the Newsletter.

Transfer of personal data to Substack

To enable us to process your Newsletter subscription and to provide you with the Newsletter, your email address is shared with Substack ( Substack is an email marketing tool we use to provide you with the Newsletter if you have signed-up for the Newsletter.
The transfer of personal data between Concordium and Substack occurs on the basis of the following terms Substack will store and process your personal data required to enable us to provide you the Newsletter and in accordance with Substacks privacy terms included in the link above.

If you request login details to our participants’ website and we provide you with a login to our participants’ website, we will store and process your personal data [email] required to maintain your login details for as long as you remain a potential participant in the Concordium community.

Concordium stores your data at our servers at wpengine. We only store personal data for as long as it is necessary for the above described uses, subject to statutory obligations which require us to store the data for a longer period of time, if any. Such obligations to store data may, namely, arise out of accounting law, civil law or tax law. According to these laws, business communication, concluding contracts and accounting vouchers must be stored for up to 10 years. If we no longer need this data to carry out the services for you, the data will be blocked. This means that the data may then only be used for accounting and tax purposes or in accordance with other legal obligations we may have.

General information about the exchange of data with third parties

We may also disclose your personal data to outside parties who help us deliver you the services we offer, create, operate, and maintain the Website(s), namely specialized services such as email distribution, monitoring or analytics. We provide these service providers only with the information they need to perform their services.
We also work with third parties, such as analytics companies, and they may collect information about your online activities over time and across the Website(s). We require that these outside individuals and/or companies agree to keep all information shared with them confidential and to use the information only to perform their obligations to us unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy.
The privacy policies and data practices of such third parties may significantly differ from ours, and we make no representation or warranty whatsoever about their policies and practices. Your communications and interactions with such third parties are solely between you and them, and are at your own risk.
We may disclose your data when legally required to do so, to cooperate with law enforcement investigations or other legal proceedings, to protect against misuse or unauthorized use of the Website(s) or the services described herein, to limit our legal liability and protect our rights or to protect the rights, property or safety of users of the Website(s) or the services described herein or the public.


We have embedded links on our Website(s) to the websites of some of our partners and to other relevant websites. If you access such links from our website it may be that data will be disclosed to the owner of the website that you are accessing. This does not mean that we endorse these website(s) or the goods or services they provide. We do not make any representation or warranties about any website(s) that may be linked to the Website(s). Such other website(s) are independent from us, and we have no control over, or responsibility for their information, products or activities.

In addition, our privacy practices may differ from those of these other website(s). If you provide data at one of those website(s), you are subject to the privacy policy of the operator of that website(s), not our Privacy Policy. Please make sure you understand any other website’s privacy policy before providing any data.

Use of the Website(s) and the services described herein by children

Our Website(s) or the services described herein is not intended for children, and we do not knowingly collect, use or disclose data from anyone under 18 years of age. If we determine upon collection that a user is under this age, we will not use or maintain his/her data without the parent/guardian’s consent. If we become aware that we have unknowingly collected personally identifiable information from a child under the age of 18, we will make reasonable efforts to delete such information from our records.

Automatically collected information

Our partners may collect certain information automatically, including through the use of cookies and other technologies. This information may include collection and processing of data and is carried out for the purpose of optimizing the Website(s) as well as for internal statistical purposes. It is within our legitimate interest to process such data in order to be able to continuously provide the Website(s) and the services described herein (article 6(1)(f) GDPR).

To optimize the Website(s), we use cookies. Cookies are text files placed on your computer to collect standard Internet log information and visitor behavior information. When you visit our websites, we may collect information from you automatically through cookies or similar technology.
Cookies may either be “permanent/persistent” cookies or “transient/session” cookies. Persistent cookies remain on your device while session cookies are deleted when you leave the Website(s).
We use both session and persistent] cookies for the purposes set out below:

What types of cookies do we use?
There are a number of different types of cookies our website uses:
→ – Concordium uses these cookies so that we recognize you on our website and remember your previously selected cookie preferences. These cookies are administered by us. We use these cookies for compliance with our legal obligations under the applicable law (article 6(1)(c) GDPR).
Analytics cookies– Concordium uses these cookies to collect information about your visit to our website, the content you viewed, the links you followed and information about your browser, device, and your IP address. These cookies are administered by us (see below). We only use analytics cookies with your express consent (article 6(1)(a) GDPR).

Description: We use the web analysis tool “Google Analytics” to analyse the behaviour of website users on an anonymous and aggregated level. Google’s possibility to use and share information collected by Google Analytics about your visits to our Website is restricted by the Google Analytics Terms of Service, available at and the Google Privacy Policy, available at

How to manage cookies
→ You can set your browser not to accept cookies. Please refer to the Help and settings of your browser on how to remove cookies from your browser.

International transfer of data

General information
We are entitled to transfer your personal data to third parties (contracted service providers) abroad for the purpose of the data processing described in this Privacy Policy. These are bound to protect data to the same extent as we are. If the level of data protection in a country does not correspond to that in Switzerland, the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA), we will ensure, to the extent possible, that the protection of your personal data corresponds to that in Switzerland, the EU and the European Economic Area at all times.

For the sake of completeness, for users residing or domiciled in Switzerland, the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA), we would like to point out that in the USA there are surveillance measures by US authorities which generally allow them to get access to all personal data that has been transferred from Switzerland, the EU and the EEA to the USA. This is done without differentiation, limitation or exception based on the objective pursued and without any objective criterion that would allow limiting the access to the data and subsequent use thereof by US authorities to very specific, strictly limited purposes that could justify the interference associated both with access to and use of such data. In addition, we would like to point out that in the USA there are no legal remedies available for the persons concerned from Switzerland that would allow them to gain access to the data concerning them and to obtain its correction or deletion, or that there is no effective legal protection against general access rights of US authorities. We explicitly draw your attention to this legal and factual situation in order to enable an informed decision to consent to the use of your data.

We would like to point out to users residing in Switzerland, an EU and/or EEA member state, that from the point of view of Switzerland and the EU, the USA does not have an adequate level of data protection, partly due to the issues mentioned in this section. Insofar as we have explained in this Privacy Policy that recipients of data may be based in the USA, we will ensure, to the best of our possibilities, that your data is protected at an appropriate level by our service providers, namely through contractual arrangements with these companies.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about or requests regarding your privacy or security at the Website(s) or with regard to the services addressed herein or wish to update your data, please send an email to We will respond as soon as possible.
Data subjects from Switzerland, the EU and the European Economic Area can also write us at:
Bahnhofstrasse 20
6300 Zug
Please always include your name, mailing address and email address in your message.

What are your data protection rights?

To the extent provided by the applicable law you have the following data protection rights:

To the extent we process personal data based on your consent you can withdraw the right to use and process your personal data without giving any reasons. In this case please send a message to After receiving your request, we will no longer use the personal data to the extent we have relied on your consent.

You have a right to request information about the personal data that we store about you. In addition, you have a right to correct incorrect data and a right to request deletion of your personal data, insofar as there is no legal obligation to retain such data and no legal basis for further processing the existing data.

You also have a right to request the data that you have provided to us (right to data portability). Upon request, we will transfer your data to a third party of your choice. You have a right to receive the data in a common file format.

You can contact us for the aforementioned purposes via the email address In order to process your requests, we may request proof of your identity.

In many countries, you also have the right to file a complaint with the relevant data protection authority if you have concerns about how we process your data.

Country specific user notices

International user notice
For international users, please note that it may be necessary to transfer your information internationally and, in particular, your information may be transferred to and processed in the USA. For residents of the EU, the data protection and other laws of other countries outside the EU may not be as comprehensive as those of the USA. Please be assured that we take steps to ensure that your privacy is protected as described in this Privacy Policy. By using the Website(s) or the services described herein, you agree to have your information used and transferred to the USA as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

GDPR privacy

Legal basis for processing personal data under GDPR

We may process personal data under the following conditions (article 6(1) GDPR):

  • Consent: You have given your consent for processing personal data for one or more specific purposes.
  • Performance of a contract: Provision of personal data is necessary for the performance of an agreement with you and/or for any pre-contractual obligations thereof.
  • Legal obligations: Processing personal data is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which we are subject, in particular, but not limited to anti-money laundering regulations.
  • Vital interests: Processing personal data is necessary in order to protect your or another person’s vital interests.
  • Public interests: Processing personal data is related to a task that is carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in us.
  • Legitimate interests: Processing personal data is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests.

In any case, Concordium will help clarify the specific legal basis that applies to the processing, and in particular whether the provision of personal data is a statutory or contractual requirement, or a requirement necessary to enter into a contract.

Your rights under GDPR

We undertake to respect the confidentiality of your personal data and to enable you to exercise your rights. 

Concordium would like to make sure you are fully aware of all of your data protection rights. To the extent that GDPR applies you have the following rights:

→ The right of access (article 15 GDPR) – You have the right to obtain from us confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning you is being processed, and, where this is the case, to access the personal data. We are required to provide you this information free of charge. However, we may charge you a reasonable fee on administrative costs for this service if you have already received such a copy.
→ The right to rectification (article 16 GDPR) – You have the right to request that Concordium correct personal data concerning you that is inaccurate. You also have the right to request that Concordium complete personal data concerning you that is incomplete.
→ The right to erasure (right to be forgotten; article 17 GDPR) – You have the right to request that Concordium erase your personal data if and to the extent that the data is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected or if the data is processed on the basis of your consent and you have opted to revoke your consent.
→ The right to restrict processing (article 18 GDPR) – You have the right to request that Concordium restrict the processing of your personal data under the conditions set forth in article 18 GDPR.
→ The right to object to processing (article 21 GDPR) – If the processing of your personal data is based on article 6(1)(e) or 6(1)(f) GDPR, you have the right to object to Concordium’s processing of your personal data at any time.
→ The right to data portability (article 20 GDPR) – You have the right to receive from us the personal data concerning you provided by you in a structured commonly used and machine-readable format and to have this data transmitted to another controller provided that (i) the processing is based on consent or an agreement entered into with you; and (ii) the processing is carried out by automated means.
→ The right to withdraw your consent (article 7(3) and 13(2)(c) GDPR) – You have the right to withdraw your consent on us using your personal data at any time.

Please note that any erasure of personal data, objection to processing, withdrawal of your consent to use your personal data, or any other request limiting or preventing us from holding, using, processing, or storing your personal data might result in Concordium being required to deny access to the Concordium network, thereby preventing you from using the network, or any of the Websites or from receiving the Newsletter.

How to exercise your rights under GDPR

You may exercise your abovementioned rights by contacting us (for contact details see above “How to contact us”). Please note that we may ask you to verify your identity before responding to such a request.

If you make a request, we will respond as soon as possible. 

If you believe that the processing of your personal data infringes the applicable data protection law, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority (article 77 GDPR). For more information, if you are in the European Economic Area (EEA), please contact your local data protection authority in the EEA.

Privacy policies of other websites

The Concordium website contains links to other websites. Our privacy policy applies only to our website, so if you click on a link to another website, you should read their privacy policy.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Privacy Policy and the contracts concluded on the basis of or in connection with this Privacy Policy are subject to Swiss law, unless the law of another country is mandatory. The Place of jurisdiction shall be the registered office of Concordium Foundation, unless another place of jurisdiction is mandatory.

Changes to our privacy policy

Should individual parts of this Privacy Policy be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the rest of the Privacy Policy. The invalid part of this Privacy Policy shall be replaced in such a way that it comes as close as possible to the economically intended purpose of the invalid part.

Concordium keeps its privacy policy under regular review and places any updates on this web page. Due to further developments of our Website(s) or changes to statutory requirements, it may become necessary to amend this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to change or update this Privacy Policy by posting such changes or updates to the Website(s). 

Amendments to this Privacy Policy will be posted at this URL and will be effective when posted. It is your responsibility to review any such changes or updates and to check the Website(s) regularly to be sure you understand all terms and conditions, agreements and policies of the Website(s) and are in compliance with them. You can tell if the policy has changed by checking the last updated date noted at the top of this page. Your continued use of the Website(s) and the services addressed herein following the posting of any amendment, modification or change shall constitute your acceptance thereof.


If you reside within the EU or the EEA you have the right to complain to a data protection supervisory authority at any time (article 77 GDPR).